Saturday, September 9, 2023

This Story Has Nothing to do with the Easter Bombing in Sri Lanka



Once there was a vicious Veterinary doctor and his income was declining. He was searching for numerous methods to increase his income and regain his popularity. At the Vet hospital, in a secured canal there were four rabid dogs for euthanasia. He thought he could use these sick dogs to create fear, and chaos and eventually get a large number of patients for his practice. He covertly collaborated with the Vet hospital Director and conspired to set these dogs free they were anticipating a disaster in the town. The dogs were ferocious and they had an urge to bite people. Upon the orders from the director the laborer who worked at the dog pound released these rabid dogs. They went free and bit a large number of people in the town. Many succumbed to hydrophobia and died. There was fear and mass hysteria among the people. The people looked to the Vet doctor and requested help. Instantly he became a hero, a saviour. After eliminating the rabid dogs things started stettling up. However, some people questioned the Vet hospital Director's actions and how could he release four rabid dogs and cause collateral damage. Initially, the director denied the accusations. After some time, the laborer who worked at the dog pound ran away from the hospital and met some impartial city officials, and confessed that he was ordered by the Vet hospital Director to release the rabid dogs and it was a mass conspiracy. The accused parties denied all charges. Some village Idiots refused to believe it and said that the Vet doctor was a nice guy and he couldn't have done such things. (end of the story).


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