Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence

There are extraterrestrial life forms in the universe. We cannot deny that. Aliens have many forms; some are highly advanced, technologically, spiritually, and transcendently. Perhaps they know about our existence. For them, we are a very primitive, destructive, and savage species killing each other and heading toward self-obliteration. They observe our uncompassionate dubious predatory behavior. They have nothing to gain or learn from us. When you walk in the woods, you see a rotting carcass full of worms. What is your reaction? you don't touch it or disturb or disrupt the worm colony. You don't make an attempt to communicate with worms. You move away. The highly developed aliens are doing the same thing. Sometimes they are among us but they are not talking to humans. They might be talking to dolphins or whales. Although we have the Hubble Space Telescope and James Webb Space Telescope, we cannot see their spaceships or their detect their habitable zones. Because our technology is still primitive. It's like a crow making an attempt to see distant starlight.  

(From Pulp Vision - Ruwan M Jayatunge - Medical Doctor / Aurhour and Associate Professor) 

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