Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Long Tall Sally


I woke up with a headache and it was due to last night's heavy boozing. I did not touch alcohol for nearly two months. But yesterday was a disaster. I could not resist when Filemo came to meet me with a few bottles of shining Jack Daniels. We swam in alcohol. Although old Filemo is an old fart I enjoyed his company. He is a great storyteller.

Although I was drunk, I did not do coke. After I came from rehab, I was determined not to do drugs and pills. I have been sober for six months now. I had that self-control. Indeed, I am proud of myself. My destructive days have gone. I will never step into my dreaded past. My downfall occurred when I messed up my last movie. It’s a long story and I was fooled by Marina – a middle-aged former Russian actress.

 Filemo smoked a joint and told me old Hollywood stories about John Wayne. He told me that John Wayne never liked Clint Eastwood. I think it was a battle between two alfa males. John Wayne refused to work with Eastwood, was it due to any underlying jealousy? who knows?  Filemo said Wayne was uneasy with the less overtly heroic image of Eastwood. He mentioned a few incidents associated with his assumption. His stories were very convincing.

After midnight Felemo went calling a cab. I was alone. I wanted to have some sleep and went to bed. I could not sleep for more than four hours. A pounding headache woke me up.  I am still confused. My head is heavy, and I cannot think properly. I drank a glass of water. What is next?  I was thinking. I needed a shower. I walked to the bathroom with my heavy head.  When hot water touched my body, I felt much easier. I always believed in water therapy.

After twenty minutes of showering, I felt refreshed. The time is half past ten in the morning and the outside temperature was 8C. Winter in New York is not very brutal compared to other places. However, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building were blanketed in snow. I see no beauty in the snow. It brings me bad memories from St. Petersburg. Moreover, my last movie and Marina.

I am an assistant film director from Hollywood. I worked hard to please directors and producers. While working in Hollywood I was able to gain a lot of experience. One time I worked with Francis Ford Coppola, and I was checking the cast and crew for one of his movies. There was no shame in being an assistant director. Even Alfred Hitchcock was an assistant director. I was doing all aspects of set design and script editing.

My life was drastically changed after I met Mr. Shimon Horovitz. He is a rich man and a movie admirer. It's important to know that American Jews like Mr.  Horovitz. built Hollywood and there are many stories about them. Carl Laemmle and Adolph Zukor were some of the founders of key Hollywood studios.

Horovitz is a good man. He came from West Los Angeles. Although he was eager to assimilate as an American, he never forgot his Jewish heritage.

Old man Horovitz played a pivotal role in the last few years of my life. I met him accidentally in LA. But I was able to connect with him. I convinced him to produce a movie as an investment venture. I had a good script and an acquaintance in the film industry.  Horovitz agreed to put money into our movie. Hence, he became my godfather. Thanks to Horovitz I met his niece, Sally. She is a beauty and a sex bomb. Also, she is intelligent and trustworthy. I was attracted to Sally. We became very much connected. Anyhow, the old man Horovitz did not know that I was fucking his niece. We kept our private secrets from him.

I loved Sally as well as my wife Indian wife Harshita. Sally gave me good sex and confidence. My legal wife Harshita gave me love, affection, and intimacy. I needed both in my life. It's very difficult to handle two women at the same time. I am still struggling and trying to make things satisfactory.

Can a man love two women?  I think it's possible. One Psychologist stated that the man may be able to emotionally commit and attach himself to two women at the same time. This very idea convinced me when I saw Doctor Zhivago. Yuri Zhivago was in love with his wife Tonya and his mistress Lara. Was he an immoral man? I don’t think so. Doctor Zhivago’s error was (according to the revolutionary Strelnikov) that he tried to enjoy private life during the times of revolution. Private life was dead and private sentiments were against the concept of revolution. Anyhow I did not like the character Strelnikov aka Pasha Antipov. He was a man who was cynical and breeds unhappiness like most of the revolutionaries. They were against love and affection. They need blood and terror. These men have personality disorders, and they bring terror and destruction to society.

Sally was a perfect fit for me. I met her three days ago at the Garden City Hotel in Long Island. She jumped on me and we kissed each other for more than half an hour. I liked French kisses. I tasted her tongue. Passionately I kissed her neck and softly bit her ears. My hand touched her boobs, and she removed her bra. When my lips touched her long red nipples she lay down. My tongue lightly draws circles around her nipple. She liked my gentle licking and sucking. While my mouth was focused on her nipple, I used my hand to gently squeeze her breast at the same time. I flicked her nipple with the tip of my tongue. She was writhing and moaning with pleasure. She liked rough-breast play. Therefore, I bit her nipple.  Sally is a woman who is capable of nipple orgasm. While I was sucking her nipples, she had a powerful climax. Now I wanted to focus on other erogenous zones. I kissed her belly and put my tongue into her belly button.

Sally loved having her labia licked. Then I did clockwise and counterclockwise circles around her glans clitoris with my tongue. She started pushing her hips into my face. Oral sex is fabulous. It is driven by love and lust. It brings more intimacy between us.  “fellatio” is not a sin.  I believe that there is no sexual immorality in oral sex. There are poetic references to oral sex in the bible. The Song of Solomon describes oral sex. Song of Solomon is a love story between Solomon and his bride which celebrates their love together.

Flicking the clit with my tongue gave Sally extra sensation. I started lightly sucking on her clit between strokes. Penetration from the tongue made her excited. Sally likes facesitting. I said, "Sit on my face baby ". We changed positions. She sat on my face. I started licking her pussy and it triggered her second climax.  Now the payback time for Sally.

She stood up and gently liked my erect penis. Then slowly and gently begins to run her fingers over it. Sally’s blow job gave me pleasure. What a wonderful feeling it was. However, I did not want to ejaculate. I removed my penis from her mouth and started kissing her.  Sally talks dirty during foreplay which my wife never did. Her dirty talk excited me. Now I need a penetration. My penis slowly and firmly went inside her vagina. I recalled the words of Lt. Col. Frank Slade. “You expand the woman’s legs then you find the passport to heaven. Indeed, it was a celestial feeling for me.

My pelvic thrust made her expand her legs more.  I am now deeply inside her. I love you, Sally, I softly whispered into her ear. She needed more sex, therefore I had to control my ejaculation. I don’t want to be called a premature ejaculator. With my strenuous work, she achieved a pleasurable release of sexual tension. She achieved vaginal orgasm several times. After a long copulation, both of us became tired.

Are you satisfied? I asked Sally.

“Yes baby as always” she replied with a kiss. Now she was sleeping on my chest, and I started gently stroking her golden hair. We had a good time and a nice relaxation. My time was limited. I had to meet a few friends. I kissed Sally and said goodbye.  Old man Horovitz’s niece made my day.

I was sinking deep in my thoughts about Sally. But I must get ready to meet Horovitz. I am embarrassed and feel ashamed to meet him. I owe him many explanations. What went wrong with the move and how did it consume a large amount of his money and eventually produce no results? I hate Marina who dragged me into this mess. She was an opportunist and a manipulator.  She wrecked my plan of making a good Russian gangster movie and making some money for my producer.  I don’t know what to say to him. I am guilty as hell. 

(From Pulp Vision by Ruwan M Jayatunge ) 

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