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මගේ කවි පොත - Rhythm of Life

මිත්‍රවරුනි මම කවි පොතක් ලිව්වා.: Rhythm of Life පෙරවදන කපිතාන් එල්මෝ ජයවර්ධන ගෙන් ; මේ වසර ඇතුලත එලියට දාන්න පුලුවන් වෙයි කියා හිතනවා

Foreword Rhythm of Life’

Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge has written many books. I have read one, wish I had read more. ‘71 Karella’ was class. Obviously he had done a great service to history in Sri Lanka by placing on record all those who stood up to change the tide in the ‘71 uprising. They deserved their stories to be archived in print. Three cheers to Ruwan for writing the truth.
Now he is onto poetry. ‘Rhythm of Life’ is simple. It has loneliness, love and people, all expressed in words that do not chase Whitman or Emily Dickinson. Nor is Ruwan a Rod McKuen. He is just Ruwan, medicine man, writer and a searcher for truth in a world of abstract values. I have never met him, know him only by his words. That is enough if one cares to read deep.
‘Fiddler’ was great, ‘Monika Bay’ I love, ‘The Alien’ and ‘Street Walker’ tug at heart strings. Many poems are on a romantic platform; is he writing poetry or his own story? How would I know?
Ali Bumaye takes us to Kinshasa, Woody Allen fights Marciano and Stallone runs in Philadelphia. All this intermix with Lennon, Andy Gibb and the Gambler Rogers. This is poetry for melancholy moods to see some light. Maybe in some philosophical ways to understand life.

Capt Elmo Jayawardena

මේ ඒ කවි පොතේ එන කවියක් 

Electronic Civilization and Its Discontents

Electronically plugged in life
Connected with invisible wires
Millions of fake connections
While surfing for true one

Happily connected and being together 
 While unhappily not being together
Connected but isolated
Attached but feels helpless

Who said ; No man is an island
Electronically separated in tiny islands
Live in a plugged universe
Being alone together

Falling in love with an online avatar 
 Facing each other mechanically
But hiding from each other
Walking towards an unknown destiny

Eradicating the human touch
Eliminating human relationships
Establishing robotic empathy
Lost souls in a cyber world

Expecting more from technology
Expecting less from each other
Becoming more and more isolated
Anyway I Share, Therefore I Am

(Rhythm of Life)


  1. කොළොම්පුරෙන් සුබ පැතුම්
    එහෙනම් සුපුරුදු ලෙසින් සරසවි ප‍්‍රකාශණයක් වෙන්න ඇති.

    1. මෙය ගොඩගේ එකෙන් අසංග

  2. ඉන්නා තැනට මගේ මව් රට බෝ දුරය
    කවි පොත බලන්නට ඇති ඉඩකඩ අඩුය
    නිරතුරු ඔබ ලියන දේ නම් මට හුරුය
    මම සුභ පතමි මගෙ පැතුමන් පිවිතුරුය

  3. ඔබගේ පොත් ගොන්නේ කවි පොත් මෙයට පෙර තිබ්බේ නැද්ද ?

    1. එකක් තියනවා හරාකිරි කවි පොත


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