Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Brooklyn Bridge

I will meet you near the Brooklyn Bridge  
Come to me with a red rose  
Remember baby I love you
Do not throw my love away   

If you stop loving me  
The birds will sing no more  
The sun will turn in to a black hole   

Without my love  You might  feel devastated  
You will never meet such a sensational love   
Tell me baby Will you wait for me  near the Brooklyn Bridge  
Expecting my love day and night   

When you are waiting for me  
You can see the running water  
The time is passing minute by minute   
I will be there for you soon   

See how strong is the Brooklyn Bridge 
That can stand for ages  
My love for you is even stronger   

I will bring my love  
I will comfort you baby 
You are my cherry blossom    

When the sun rises  
You can see Manhattan  
Remember baby 
Do not take my love to the other side   

Remember Disco 2001 Space Oddesy  
The exotic night with disco lights  
I was dancing with you   
I can still hear Barry Gibb’s voice   

I was holding you 
 I could feel your body warmth  
When the DJ started spot light dancing  
I looked in to your eyes   

When our eyes met  
You smiled with me  
Then our lips met for a breathtaking kiss 
Your fingers softly touched my neck     

I never met a girl  
Who could bring me happiness and joy 
I never knew what the love is Until I met you   

We met at the Brookline Bridge  
You took my arm  
Then we started slowly walking  
Until the end of time   

Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge 


  1. කවිය පරංගි භාෂාවෙන් උනාට මගේ උත්තරේ සිංහලෙන්
    මිණි මිණි පොද වැටේවි
    මල් මිණි දැදිරි වේවි
    ඔබ එනවනම්
    දේදුනු පාලම උඩ හැන්දෑවේ................... මම ඉන්නම්
    විචාරක දියණිය


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