Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A street walker

They call me a street walker
But I haven’t committed any crime
They say I am immoral
All I know is I am feeding my hungry children
They query the whereabouts of my husband
They don’t know that he is six feet under
They ask why you can’t do a decent job
I said of course I did until my boss asked me to get in to his car
They question my morals
But they forget that the boss could fire me
Furthermore ethics and morality do not feed my children
They say I am indecent
Values and decency do not keep my children warm
They talk about all good things and criticize bad elements like me
But they offer no solution, give no hope
So I am powerless and empty
I know I am unacceptable
But I have no option
I am hollow and desolate
Inside and out

Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge 


  1. Whether its good or bad is highly debatable. But this is one job that will never go away as long as humans last !

  2. මානව දයාවෙන් ලියැවුණු කවියක්. ලැම නොව ළය දුටු කවියෙක්.


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