Friday, December 1, 2017

Culpable Homicide

(A grade nine student of a popular girls' school in Colombo has committed suicide after reportedly being ashamed in public by a teacher for having talked over her mobile phone.  She had gone to the washroom and hung herself with her tie after the teacher had rebuked her.  The girl died in hospital )

  Culpable Homicide

The teachers of our time
Committed a murder in silence
Although they deny
She died in their hands  

When they found a cellular in her possession
All the sadistic instincts came in to their minds
With a savage interest
They started the interrogation

Confess , confess confess
Did you do that ? Did you do this ?
How you did  it ? confess  you little slut
They derived satisfaction with every tiny answer she gave  

She was the modern day Mary Magdalene
Who committed an unforgivable sin
The teachers decided to stone her
Unfortunately there was no Christ to save her  

The school motto was fallow the light
Instead they dragged her to the dark
They used the ultimate weapon of humiliation
And they pressed her buttons

When that school girl took her life
Inside a dark washroom
How could the interrogators avoid the responsibility?
When the blood in their hands


  1. This is a call blooded murder done by Teacher
    Vicharaka Diyanya


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