Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mario Hamel

Ho Mario Mario 
Ho Mario you poor soul
Hungry cold and wasted 
Drifter and a social destitute
There was no one to save you

When you discontinued Lithium
Your mood may have become unstable
Probably you have lost the reality
Unable to figure out the danger

You were not striking at anyone
But only at your self
When the battle of sanity vs insanity began
You lost it indeed
Lost it completely

When you were acting out
You were disconnected and incoherent
Never had an idea for a second
You were surrounded by cops with deadly magnum force

When the bullets hit your body
You touched the ground
This is how your story ended 
Another homeless insignificant man became history

by Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge

This Poem is dedicated to Mario Hamel – Homeless man who was shot dead by the Montreal Police in June 2011


  1. Police brutality in Canada? I wasn't aware of that.

  2. Replies
    1. මේ තියෙන්නේ එංගලන්තේ.
      ////Ian Tomlinson (7 February 1962 – 1 April 2009) was a newspaper vendor who collapsed and died in the City of London after being struck by a police officer during the 2009 G-20 summit protests. After an inquest jury returned a verdict of unlawful killing, the officer, Simon Harwood, was prosecuted for manslaughter. He was found not guilty but was dismissed from the police service for gross misconduct.[3][4]//////////

  3. මෙහෙත් එක්තරා යුගයක ඔළුවට ගල් ගෙඩි අත ඇරලා මරලා දැම්මා...


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