Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Let's Just Pathologize All


They were not perfect indeed 
They all had their weaknesses 
They had their flaws 
Suffered from various pathologies 
They were not so sweet as we were told 
Lets analyze these great characters   
Little miss Muffet suffered from Arachnophobia
Rapunzel was known for Trichotillomania
Prince Charming turns out to be a Toxic Narcissist
Pinocchio was a compulsive liar
Alice   Liddell had a sensory perception disorder
Tom Thumb  had a pituitary tumor
The Gingerbread man suffered from Thanatophobia
Wee Willie Winkie was a Pedophile
Humpty Dumpty was pushed
On the contrary
No one never lived happily ever after

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