Friday, August 19, 2022

The Extra Mile by - Dr. Gamini Goonetilleke FRCS


Sri Lanka was affected by a 30-year armed conflict and many combatants and civilians became casualties as a result of this gruesome war.  Many lives were lost and a large number of combatants and civilians lost their limbs due to anti-personal mines and many sustained gunshot injuries. The country had limited resources and the situation was critical.  The Sri Lankan armed forces had a small number of military surgeons who treated these soldiers in the Northern hospitals. However, the casualty numbers were mounting and the doctors were overwhelmed. During this difficult time, a handful of surgeons volunteered to go to the North and treat the wounded soldiers. Among them DrGamini Goonetilleke -  Senior Consultant Surgeon was a prominent figure. DrGamini Goonetilleke treated a large number of soldiers and war-affected civilians traveling to the Nothern peninsula even risking his life. He did a commendable service to the Nation. He saved a large number of lives. Moreover, DrGamini Goonetilleke published his experiences in the war zone which is a priceless gift to the readers. He has documented his stories in a reader-friendly manner. 

The Extra Mile is a great reflection on war and humanity. 

Major (Dr) Ruwan M Jayatunge M.D. 

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