Saturday, April 11, 2015

Long Train Running

Down around the corner 
I saw a long train running
I watched them disappear
Just like Miss Lucy disappeared
From my life forever  

I lost my Lucy and her love
Like the fast moving train
She departed forever
Now I am living without her love 

I wonder where she is now 
Is she thinking about me?
Has she found love and happiness?
Or else she misses me
I don’t know

The Illinois Central is empty
Like my empty aching heart
I am still looking for Miss Lucy
 Who was a part of my life 

I see the long train running
Its wheels go 'round and 'round
Like the train’s  wheels
My thoughts too go 'round and 'round

I am Thinking about Miss Lucy
Day and night 
Living without her love 
Truly it is a heartbreaking  

Where would Lucy be now?
If she stayed with me 
Like the long train running
She fastly moved from my life 
Leaving emptiness in my heart 

 (Adopted from Long Train Runnin' by Doobie Brothers)

Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge 


  1. Replies
    1. මාධව ලස්සනයි ඔබේ කවිය

  2. For some reason I love that song. I love train in additions to planes and cars. I am very sentimental about them. I love the sound of a train, tunnels, the rumble and most of all the personality of a train. I feel some emptiness when I see a train leave a station, a plane takes off...

    Maybe I'm crazy. But I love that craziness.

  3. Life is like a long train journey.


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