Thursday, November 9, 2023

Rafah Crossing


We just realize that life has no value
Perhaps life  has no meaning either 
We see only the sand and blazing sky
No hope and no tomorrow for us 
Death  in abundance 
Death is inevitable 
Dead bodies on roads
Dead Bodies in gutters  
Children cry for their parents 
Mothers cry for their dead babies 
I see humans but no humanity 
Death and destruction everywhere 
Incoming rockets and death from above   
Obliterating everything around us 
Who are we and what are we? 
We are humanoids or human waste
Caught between two aggressive powers 
Nobody gives adamn
As we witnessed 
Truth and innocence 
Became the first casualties of this conflict 
There is no escape for us 
If you are lucky 
If you a chosen one 
You go through Rafah crossing 
The rest of us 
painfully waiting for our destiny 

Ruwan M Jayatunge 

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