Thursday, August 26, 2021

Tommy Bolin , my awesome friend


Hey Tommy Bolin , my awesome  friend
I knew you were in pain 
You carried the burden 
The Baggage was handcuffed to your wrist
There was no one to  cut you loose
As you said ; you were tired and wasted 
You never had chance for love
It was awful indeed 
 Like a wild dog howling' in the night
You couldn't see the light 
I knew you were sick of your own company
You wanted to come home 
You missed the gold Tommy 
With your fucking talent and charisma 
You faded like a flower 
Although you had gone 
 I still hear your magical slide solo 
 You will never ever be forgotten Tommy
You are immortal in my heart 

Ruwan M Jayatunge 

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