Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Clinical Meditation - Book Written by Ruwan M Jayatunge M.D.

Dr. Jayatunge’s Clinical Meditation is a most ambitious project, providing a broad overview of meditative techniques without sacrificing in-depth analysis. There are several challenges involved in describing the value of meditation in clinical practice. The practice of “meditation” encompasses a large and varied field. Much of the published scientific literature is of borderline quality. Study designs often neglect the heterogeneity of techniques, and at times draw conclusions that are not supported by data. Even a fundamental definition of the term can be elusive. Despite these difficulties Dr. Jayatunge has evaluated as comprehensive a list of meditative traditions and techniques as one can expect to find. Clinical Meditation identifies a wide variety of practices, including a number of laboratory derived approaches, and describes the historical and cultural milieu from which they have arisen as well as their current status. 

The work reflects an admirable job of reviewing the scientific literature ranging across physiological, psychological and therapeutic domains. Dr. Jayatunge then connects the dots regarding a host of clinical conditions. This book is suitable for a wide audience. Those new to the arena will almost certainly find a place to start regardless of their area of interest. Experts in the scientific bases and clinical applications of meditation will find in-depth information, a wide spectrum of consideration, and literally hundreds of scientific references. Clinical Meditation offers a robust and welcome addition to the field. 

Brian Rees MD MPH Colonel (retired) US Army 
Executive Director, TM for Veterans Director, Operation Warrior Wellness

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  1. Good that meditation is clinically confirmed. But yoga meditation has existed 5000 years ago also.



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