Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tribute to Sirima Nicole


Sirima Nicole, I hear your voice with an awesome melody

You speak to my heart, directly with a sparkling charm

I am stunned; seeing your beauty and your magical voice

Your songs narrate vivid stories about life and love

Often, I listen to your “part of me” and found all of you

Inevitably you have become a part of me now

I wish I knew you, at the time you performed in Paris metro

You were singing while playing your guitar

You captured their hearts with your melody

You knew you were becoming a star performer

You had aspirations and plans for your career

The beautiful dream was turned into a nightmare

Everything was cut short by a jealous man

It was terrible and hard to imagine

Why did he take your life with vicious hate?

He killed a woman with an extraordinary talent

But he could not destroy your legacy

You became immortal with your songs

When I look into your life and wonder sometimes

Did you ever find love and comfort?  

Did you constantly live in pain and agony?

In a way, it is very sad 

Your songs bring comfort and harmony

But you missed life’s congruence

Although you found the rhyme, you could not find true love

The love you found was an illusion and it consumed you

You left us so early with many unfinished songs

It is hard to imagine that you had gone forever

I refuse to believe that you are dead

Sometimes I think you are still alive somewhere

Perhaps in this very moment

You are singing happily in a parallel universe  

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