Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Rabbit Proof Fence


Rabbit proof fence
We will teach you to be human
We will take you to the Civilization
We will teach you to think and act appropriately in a White World
We will be your guardian Angles
Rabbit proof fence
We will remove you from the hunting grounds
We will take you from Ma and Da
No longer will you need them
You will never see them again
Rabbit proof fence
We will incarcerate you for your own good
We will protect you from yourselves
We will teach you to read and write
One day you will be fitting servants for white families
Rabbit proof fence
Like the Wizard of Oz
Do not go on a journey to reclaim your wholeness
You are incomplete
You do not exist without the master
You all are institutionalized eugenics
Do not follow the Rabbit proof fence
Do not ran away from the Native Settlements
Do not abandon your destiny
Do not reclaim your identity
You are destine to be the Stolen Generation

by Ruwan M Jayatunge 

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