Thursday, May 2, 2019

Terrorism is a Global Menace with no Religion

 by Dr Anver Hamdani

I was petrified over this heinous act, it is definitely shocking to any human being who has some religious belief, over this carnage in Sri Lanka on the 21st April. Let it be on Buddhist Tamils Christians and Muslims or any other believers,attacking people during prayers is absolutely appalling. One should remember that the Asian continent is one of the most diverseregions in the world with multi ethnic and multicultural solidarity. Which we were able to maintain peacefully for about two decades after decolonization. When the freedom fight took place Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Christians all stood unified to win the battle against a common need. Then we never had this mentality of discrimination or hating different practices among our fellow Sri Lankans. It was a need from the people and people gathered and achieved it.Even the colonizers were capitalizing on our cast creed and religion to rule us for more than two centuries. We never felt a division on large scale at that time among us we only had one threat against our mother land, more over we never had this much of societies and organizations in the world.

Let me take you through the history a bit related to the geopolitical background. One must understand that the world order is changing during the second world war it was a bi polar world with and IRON CURTAIN dividing it to the capitalist and the socialist bloc. After the second world war it was tilting towards the unipolarity one giant nations dominating the world. Ever since then the world order is so volatile now it’s the time of multi polarity with different power groups and allies playing their own share for their national interest. We must not forget that we as an island pose a strategic point in the Indian Ocean as Admiral ALFRAD MAHAN said“whoever controls the Indian ocean controls the world”. Different interest groups will be using distinct techniques to attain their goals, in our region should we be a pawn in their game.

After experiencing a 30 year long war salvaging all good deeds of the fruitful nation, one time known as the pearl of the Indian ocean was lost .We fell short in detecting it at that time apart from that we had instability in the country erupting due to different doctrines but all were controlled by the effort of our well established military forces (hats off to them nowadays there are lot of fathers for it ).It was achieved because it was us who did it, but we failed to voice out and create a mentality that the war was against extremists who were Tamils but not against Tamils. As Rev Cardinal Malcom Ranjith stated it very distinctly this was an attack to mankind not only to the Christian society. Are we there to feel it as an attack to mankind. I being a Muslim while strongly condemning the brutal attack on those lovely humans who went in with lots of hope to the services at the church. While praying for my brothers and sisters for their peaceful rest I pray for the injured a speedy recovery. In reality, we are all wounded by this inhuman act of violence.

Let it be in Christ church in New Zealand, Kochchikade in Colombo loss of human lives have made everyone’s mind deadly. It is not against Christians, Muslims or Buddhist it is against the fraternity we share. A false doctrine of few fanatics has been the reason. I strongly believe and affirm that if you are a citizen of a country you should be abided by the law and order of that country despite of the fact that what cast, creed or religion you belong.

Differences are good as far as it is acceptable by the majority of people and does not pose a threat to the nation. We all need a country to live even for us to practice our believes. Our religion does not say that keep the nation at a stake and practice your culture. I might get loads of criticism on this but that is the truth. Let it be the LAMA-SARI of Samanthi, BURKA of Fathima, SHORT DRESS of Anne if it warrants disharmony and create instability amongst us it should be unveiled by the people of that particular practice, you don’t need law for it. That should be the level of patriotism and love one should have for mankind. All forms of extremism should be castigated and conquered with all possible efforts. Anyone can relate things to the past and say that it was created due to my (Any religion) community was not treated properly that is why this extremism developed. I don’t bank on that as a justification owing to no religion says to harm anyone just because of the discrimination. On the other hand, where Islam & 1.3 bn Muslims have collectively been blamed for any act of terror by a Muslim,I want to reaffirms that terrorism does not have a religion.Terrorism is a global menace with no religion: it must be condemned & confronted globally.

This modern form of terrorism based on religious extremist believes is being waged on an entirely different scale. It is notable for its geographic span. No country can claim to be immune.
It has become an unprecedented threat to the local brotherhood as well as to international peace, security and development.
As conflicts have grown in intensity and number over the past decade, terrorist attacks have increased and spread, destroying societies and destabilizing entire regions.

Let me be clear from the outset: nothing justifies terrorism - no cause, no grievance. 
Nothing can ever excuse the indiscriminate targeting of civilians, the wanton destruction of lives and livelihoods, and the creation of panic for its own sake. Terrorism has unfortunately been with us in various forms across ages over the past few decades.
So, let the quality of our morals and Sri Lankan values, over the next fortnight, be worthy of the country we are proud to defend. Let’s have our arguments without impugning anyone’s patriotism and without diluting the unity with which we stand against terror.
Together, we will be stronger. Together we can build that pearl of Indian Ocean worthy of those who died and those who have inspired us.

I proudly voice myself that I am a Sri Lankan Muslim than anything else on earth and I will stand against any threat to my motherland at the fullest disposal of my self.

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  1. I agree to your insight. Terrorists have no religion. In fact they are even not true humans. The Holy Quran has clear teachings that killing one man is killing like a whole mankind.


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