Saturday, February 28, 2015

Victor Navorsky


A man came to NY JFK Airport 
From a distant land of Krakozhia 
He carried two bags and a tin can 
They called him Victor Navorsky 

When the entry visa was denied 
Navorsky was stranded at the airport 
He had no friends or next of kin 
Became solitary among thousands of people 

Now he is many miles away from home 
Could not return home due to heavy fighting 
Had no salvage what so ever 
Until he met a flight attendant from the United Airlines 

Navorsky was waiting 
So as the flight attendant Amelia 
In the long run 
Everybody is waiting 

The Republic of Krakozhia 
May be a fictitious land 
Or victor Navorsky never lived 
But one thing is sure 
Life is waiting 

Dr. Ruwan M. Jayatunge


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