Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Misfit

When Stalin forced me to worship his idol
I turned my back on him
Then his men said I was a saboteur, enemy of the people
I was given 5 years in a labor camp

When Hitler deported Jews
I refused to spit on them
NAZI s told that I was a traitor
Then punished me with a whip

I was banished
Wherever I went
I was a misfit
Because I got a mind of my own

I became tired
Worshiping cult personality
While others paid their homage
I was speechless and numbed

When they said turn to Right
Everybody turned except me
When they said turn to Left
Everybody obeyed except me

They knew I had a problem
I was closely monitored and segregated
They rejected me just like plague
Always pointed their finger at me

They took my freedom
They took my loved ones
But they couldn't take my pride

Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge


  1. Why don't u trancelate into sinhala
    Plz do it

    1. This poem was translated in to Sinhala by an unknown person and it was published in Ravay some time ago


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