Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Sex Education for Sri Lankan Students

Ruwan M jayatunge M.D. PhD 

Sex education is essential for Sri Lankan students. Sex education remains a controversial topic, and teachers often avoid this forbidden subject. Unfortunately, some morality preachers actively obstruct children acquiring appropriate sex education. These people think that sex education encourages children to engage in sexual activities. Following these issues, Sri Lankan children lack knowledge about sex & sexuality. 

With this negative outlook and taboos, child sexual abuse and teen pregnancies are mounting. Many children do not have congruous knowledge about their bodies and sexuality. It's causing a lot of negative repercussions. Moreover, it allows sexual predators and pedophiles to reach children without difficulty. Due to a lack of knowledge in sex education, some teens have experienced increased stigma and shame around the spectrum of gender and sexual identity. 

It's important to state that there is no evidence that sex education encourages young people to have sex earlier. Sex education does not corrupt the student’s moral standing. The evidence shows that sex education helps to reduce unwanted, non-consensual sex and the risk of STDs and teen pregnancies. 

It's vital to provide age-appropriate information about sexuality and sexual and reproductive health. Trained educators should be allowed to educate children and convey accurate knowledge. With age-appropriate sex education, children learn about their bodies, good and bad touch, the nature of child abuse, and how to maintain healthy boundaries. Fruitful sex education helps to develop a safe and positive view of sexuality. Sex education helps students develop a positive view of their sexuality and improve their sexual health.

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