Monday, May 13, 2024

Eagles - The Inside Story

Don Henley is a great singer ; a founding member of the Eagles. He and Glenn Frey started a long journey. Don H has a remarkable, husky voice. I am so lucky that I saw him two times (once in Toronto and then in New Jersey). However,  I am not very happy with  how they (Don H and Glenn F) dealt with Don Felder - the main architect of the song Hotel California and a wonderful guitarist. (I got greetings from Don Felder with his signature last year). Glen F and Don H controlled the group in a dictatorial way. As a result of this micromanagement, Barney L and Randy M were forced to leave the band. Randy M who sang the unforgettable "Take It to the Limit," was depressed after he left the band and eventually died heartbroken. Timothy BS and Joe W were very submissive and did not go against the tide. That may be the secret of their survival. I fully agree that Don H and Glen F made great music. I wish they could treat the former members with more love, respect and recognition. My dream is to see Don H and Don Felder on stage with Joe W playing Hotel California once again.

Ruwan M jayatunge M.D. 

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