Friday, July 17, 2015

A Schizophrenic – Please Don’t Label me

My world is limited
Filled with wired sounds
I see Rocky Marciano
Fighting with Woody Allen

Long time ago
Aliens abducted me
They fixed wires in to my brain
Then sucked out my brain substance

I cannot control my thoughts
Because thoughts control me
Some kind of energy is inside me
Giving continuous commands

I hate to go to the Bush House London
Where the BBC transmits my thoughts
People often express amusement  
When they read my thoughts

A man with a black jacket
Is an agent from the KGB
He is spying and tries to track me down
May be he wants to take me to Moscow

I was in Lubianka
Questioned by Lorenthy Beria
I was released by the NKVD
Then planted in Pennsylvania

When JFK was murdered
I knew the secret plot
No one took it seriously
Not even my psychiatrist

They called me a Schizophrenic
Branded me for the rest of my life
They said I could be a danger
Kept a watchful eye on me

Whatever I wore
I felt an invisible label behind my back
Probably it said
That I am a Schizophrenic 

Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge 


  1. A beautiful mind will emerge out
    If love is dissolved in antipsychotics

  2. This made me to search and get an idea about, what is Schizophrenia. It's terrific.


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