Friday, May 8, 2015

TIA (This is Africa)

TIA -The land with brown soil
Where the civilized and virtuous men came in search of slaves
For centuries the land and men were tormented
Looted the nature's resources to the end

TIA – where the lion and hyena avoids each other
Everyone is a prey at a given moment
Nothing is guaranteed
Rules by an invisible hand

TIA – where they discovered   the earliest hominids
The early civilization -the Bell-Beaker culture of Ethiopia
The golden heritage of mankind
Deliberately erased by the one track mind Archeologists

TIA- experienced so much pain
When the   King Leopold  of Belgium ordered to amputated the hands of children
Expressed repulsion when the Apartheid law rejected one man one vote system

TIA – this is the place where the music began
Harmonious one rhythm
Evolved in to the sound of Jazz 
When her children enslaved in New Orleans 

TIA – she has no more tears
No more blood to bleed
And no more sons to sacrifice

Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge 


  1. Shocking truth, Naked truth, Shameful truth.

    Where is humanity? Where are the rules of nature? How to bring justification back?

    Oh God...........Are we human beings?

  2. Where is humanity? it went on vacation

  3. this is the reality.. vast land with full of resources... it is raped by the people so called civilized and developed . pity..


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